It’s never a convenient time to be stuck on the side of the road with a vehicle that won’t go. Bullseye Automotive is in the business of rescuing owners of stubborn, dead batteries, flat tires, or otherwise broken-down vehicles. Call us at (317) 979-8446 for towing service. We serve Hamilton county and the surrounding area of northern Indianapolis.

Bullseye Automotive Towing Services Near Cicero IN

We Tow More Than Cars

At Bullseye Automotive, we know towing. Here’s why you should use us to tow your vehicle.

We have the expertise and the equipment to tow just about any vehicle. With a variety of specialized trucks, we can tow all of the following:

Car Twoing in Cicero IN
Pick-Up Truck Towing Cicero IN
Pick-up trucks
Classic Car Towing in Cicero IN
High End Car Towing Cicero IN
High-end cars
Accident Recovery Towing Cicero IN
Low-Rider Custom Vehicle Towing Cicero IN
Low-rider custom vehicles
Towing Travel Trailers in Cicero IN
Travel trailers
Fifth Wheel Towing in Cicero IN
5th Wheels
Construction Equipment Towing Cicero IN
Construction equipment
Motorhome Towing Cicero IN
Farm Equipment Towing Cicero IN
Farm equipment

Impound Services

All impounded vehicles are taken to our Cicero location.

  • Police Departments

  • Private Property

24/7 Emergency Response at No Extra Charge

You can trust us to do the job right.

  • We frequently lead classes and teach others how to correctly use towing equipment.

  • We have close relationships with AAA and several local dealerships.

Other Services

In addition to towing, we specialize in many other car-related services. Our clients have come to count on us for the following: roadside assistance, repossession, and transport services. We also buy junk cars and sell used cars and parts. So, whether you’re looking to get rid of an old car and make some quick cash or you want to buy a quality used car or parts, give us a call first. We’ll let you know what we have in stock, or we’ll make you an offer on your car.

Don’t let a damaged or broken-down car get the best of you when Bullseye Automotive is on the job. Call us at (317) 979-8446 for prompt towing service. We serve Hamilton county and the surrounding area of northern Indianapolis.

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