Repossession of Vehicles

Do you need a car repossessed? Bullseye Automotive can handle the job for you. We’re adept at peacefully retrieving cars when payments have been erratic or non-existent. Call us at (317) 979-8446 for information. We serve Hamilton county and the surrounding areas of northern Indianapolis including Cicero, Castleton, and Broad Ripple.

Experienced Repo Providers

Repossessions can be difficult situations. Our customers trust us to safely repo cars, trucks, and just about any other vehicle when a situation goes bad. We frequently work with the following clients:

  • Lenders who need to take back possession of a vehicle due to late or nonpayment.

  • Leasing agencies where the lessee is in violation of the terms of the agreement from the lessor.

Vehicle Repossession in Cicero Indiana

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Vehicle Repossession and other Services near Cicero Indiana

Other Services

In addition to tracking down repossessed cars or vehicles, Bullseye Automotive offers several other services:

From helping stranded motorists to selling quality used cars, we specialize in a variety of automotive services.

Why Choose Us?

Tow Truck for Vehicle Repossession with Bullseye Automotive in Cicero IN


We have the expertise and the equipment to tow just about any vehicle. With a variety of specialized trucks, we tow everything from semis and motorhomes to farm equipment and classics.


We offer 24/7 emergency response at no extra charge.


We transport out of state and can transport items like construction equipment and virtually anything else, even difficult-to-transport items like automotive mechanic’s toolboxes.


We are licensed, bonded, and insured.


You can trust us to do the job right.

  • We frequently lead classes and teach others how to correctly use towing equipment.
  • We have close relationships with AAA as a roadside assistance 3rd party vendor and with dealerships like Tom Wood, Ed Martin, and Penske to transport vehicles.

When you need a vehicle repossessed, Bullseye Automotive can handle the task efficiently and securely. Call us at (317) 979-8446 for information or to set up an appointment. We serve Hamilton county and northern Indianapolis including Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Sheridan, and Arcadia.

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